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Dasha (Darja) Filippova

I was born in the USSR, a country that dissolved, becoming an immigrant without ever moving. Displacement, (mis)translation, borders, ghosts and dreams are recurring themes in my multi-disciplinary practice, which focuses on the corporeal body and is smuggled across multiple mediums, including scholarly practice, performance, film/video and creative writing. Resurrecting the utopian promises of the socialist past, my work considers belonging to the post Cold-War present-future.

I have a BA from Smith College, an MA from Central European University and an MA from The Art Institute of Chicago. I am pursuing a Phd at Princeton University. I perform as Natasha (24, aquarius, non-smoker) with the Antibody Collective; I am founding member of Spaika.Media, a platform dedicated to Russian performance, art and activism; I am member of Fabrika Kukhnya, a feminist research collective. My films have been screened in Chicago, Detroit and Budapest. I was editor-in-chief of Gallery Guide in Beijing, a bilingual magazine about contemporary Chinese art. My writing has appeared in Leap, Art Margins, Randian, Utah Foreign Language Review, Poetics Today, Another New Calligraphy, The Point Journal, and elsewhere.

I live in NYC.