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AGITATSIA is a research community dedicated to the agitation for the Party of the Dead, collaborating since July 2020. The participants are: Dasha Filippova (Tallinn/NYC) – artist-scholar, Pavel Mitenko (Moscow, Russia) – philosopher, performer and researcher, Anastasiia Spirenkova (Paris, France) – researcher, curator and producer, Antonina Stebur (Minsk, Belarus) – independent curator, Vera Zamyslova (Moscow, Russia) – researcher, art historian.

Agitatsia was the recipient of the 2021 Russian Art Focus Prize for “best research paper,” for the article "Party of the Dead: Necroaesthetics and Transformation of Political Performativity in Russia during the Pandemic", published in the online magazine in 2021.

Agitatsia is participating in the Performance Philosophy Conference, taking place in Helsinki 15-18 June, 2022.