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spaika, the first independent Russian-language online platform dedicated to art-activism, performance and actionism. a group of nine researchers, artists, curators and activists that are dedicated to the broad and multidisciplinary analysis of performance, art activism and actionism. The non-institutional and ephemeral nature of these forms of participation in cultural production and political critique question established practices of classification and archiving, challenging us to find new ways of engagement and preservation. is the site for a constructive multilogue, as well as a living archive of political and social happenings that are related to art activism, performance and actionism. Our goal is to create a platform and a tool for a diverse public - such as artists, activists, researchers, journalists and citizens, that both gives visibility to these defiant cultural forms and enables an engagement with them across a multiplicity of disciplines and perspectives.

The members of are: Tatiana Volkova, Irina Golovashina, Vera Zamyslova, Anastasia Istomina, Katrin Nenasheva, Anastasia Spirenkova, Antonina Stebur, Natalia Tikhonova, Dasha Filippova. The design is developed by Andrew Steburako. The technical team are Alexei Accio and itcoop (Igor Matrynenko and others).